Toyota GR Yaris & Corolla Upgrades

Xtreme Clutch has recently launched a range of new upgrade kits to suit the Toyota GR Yaris and the upcoming GR Corolla. The range includes an upgrade to suit the existing dual-mass flywheel, a single-mass flywheel conversion kit and a lightweight 184mm twin plate for motorsport use. These kits are available in a range of configurations to suit different vehicle performance goals and driveability requirements.

Dual-Mass Upgrade Kit:

The dual-mass upgrade kit offers a lightweight alloy pressure plate that has been designed to suit the factory dual-mass flywheel. This kit retains a rigid organic friction disc and can also be optioned with a replacement dual-mass flywheel and concentric slave cylinder.
This kit offers almost factory levels of driveability and is therefore ideal for daily driven performance street vehicles.

  • Lightweight alloy pressure plate
  • 560 Nm torque capacity
  • Suits factory dual-mass flywheel (replacement also available)
  • Includes alignment tool, pressure plate bolts and replacement CSC (optional but recommended)
  • Suitable for street applications

Single-Mass Flywheel Conversion:

The single-mass flywheel conversion incorporates a lightweight alloy pressure plate designed to fit the specially designed single-mass performance flywheel. This kit is available with either a sprung organic friction disc or a sprung ceramic friction disc (for higher heat capacity applications).
Although this kit has been designed to work with a sprung disc due to the lack of dampening from a dual-mass flywheel, it will still transmit noise, vibration and harshness into the cabin and is therefore recommended for motorsport use only.

  • Lightweight alloy pressure plate (Note: does not fit factory dual-mass flywheel)
  • 600 Nm torque capacity
  • Performance, custom designed single-mass flywheel included
  • Includes alignment tool, pressure plate bolts, flywheel bolts and replacement CSC (or contact ring to convert factory CSC)
  • Choice of sprung organic or sprung ceramic friction disc
  • Suitable for motorsport applications

184mm Twin Plate:

The 184mm twin plate clutch has been designed for very high horsepower motorsport applications where torque capacity and reduced inertia are critical. The kit includes a lightweight 184mm pressure plate, 4140 chromoly casting, intermediate plate and performance flywheel designed for minimal inertia. The two sprung ceramic friction discs offer exceptional heat capacity and the kit is ideal for applications that have aftermarket sequential transmissions etc. installed. This kit is not suitable for street use.

  • Lightweight design for minimal rotational inertia
  • Sprung central hub with floating ceramic friction discs
  • Lightweight performance flywheel
  • Concentric slave cylinder, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts and steel alignment tool included
  • 1220 Nm torque capacity
  • Designed for motorsport applications only

We have produced a video explaining the differences between these kits. To view this, please click below.