Xtreme Clutch Warranty

We stand by the quality of our products.

Xtreme Clutch and Flywheel products are covered by a 12 month product replacement warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Warranty Conditions

This limited warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Prior to new clutch kit being fitted, the flywheel must be machined or replaced otherwise warranty will be void.
  2. Warranty claims will not be issued until the said goods have been tested and deemed faulty by the Seller.
  3. The Seller will not pay any claim for goods repaired by the Buyer.
  4. Claims will be rejected where clutch kits or components have been fitted to incorrect or unlisted applications.
  5. Warranty does not apply when the goods sold are fitted to a vehicle used for speed trials, racing, time trials, commercial and off road vehicles unless fitted as original equipment.
  6. All goods supplied by the seller are warranted against faulty material and/or workmanship but not maltreatment and damage caused by collision or driver abuse.
  7. Products which have been altered, improperly installed, maintained, repaired, or damaged by accident, negligence, or misuse, or products damaged by excessive heat caused by slipping, also clutch discs with damaged splines, broken or missing dampener springs, clutch discs and or release bearings that have been fitted backwards.
  8. Cover assemblies with bent or broken drive straps.
  9. Cover assemblies installed using air impact tools.
  10. Cover or disc assemblies with oil contamination, grease contamination, or rust.
  11. General wear and tear.

Xtreme Clutch (a division of Australian Clutch Services Pty Ltd) does not accept the following failures as warranty claims if they are caused by incorrect fitment, incorrect driving or vehicle defects:

  1. Driven Plates
    1. Oil or grease contaminated facings2. Burnt-out or broken facings
    2. Severely worn or broken torsion damper springs
    3. Damaged Hub Splines
  2. Cover Assembly
  3. Severely worn or broken diaphragm fingers
  4. Burnt-out pressure plate
  5. Bent or broken drive straps
  6. Severely worn or broken bearing
  7. Release Bearings

The Xtreme Clutch Warranty is only valid in respect of clutches fitted to vehicle applications which are specifically listed in the current catalogue. The warranty is immediately invalidated where clutches are fitted to vehicle applications not listed in the catalogue, and no warranty claim will be considered by Australian Clutch Services Pty Ltd in respect of such clutches.

Before removing the clutch from the vehicle

  1. Make sure that the clutch has been correctly fitted according to any relevant fitment guidelines, as well as the instructions in the workshop repair manual for the vehicle.
  2. Check the vehicle thoroughly before removing the clutch in order to ensure that the clutch problem has not resulted from the vehicles faults such as a defective or incorrectly adjusted clutch release mechanism, work driveline mountings or oil leaks.

How to claim a warranty

  1. All warranty claims must be submitted to the authorised distributor from which the product was purchased, within 10 days of the discovery of defects within the warranty period. Australian Clutch Services is not responsible for return shipping charges.
  2. Return all the clutch parts together with a completed Warranty Claim form and a copy of the invoice on which the clutch was purchased.
  3. Australian Clutch Services will inspect the clutch parts and provide a detailed technical report to the original purchaser of the goods (installer, workshop, or distributor).

Warranty Form

For any inquiries relating to this Warranty Statement please email sales@xtremeclutch.eu.

Helpful recommendations for bed in/break in/running procedures:

If reusing the existing flywheel make sure it is refaced (and step machined if applicable) other wise warranty is Void. See warranty terms and conditions

Make sure clutch hardware/hydraulics work properly. For example (and not limited to) a clutch is installed in a 20 year old vehicle that still has the original master cylinder and slave cylinder with 20 years of wear and debris in the hydraulic system. It is recommended to flush the pipework through. Will original components cope with acting on a higher pressure assembly? Are the Pivot balls/points/pins and arm in perfect condition?

All clutch components not supplied in our kit must be in good working order otherwise damage may occur from incorrect engagement and warranty will be Void. See warranty terms and conditions.

Where clutches are supplied with release bearings these must be installed correctly,  if pressing is required you must use the correct tools otherwise damage will occur. If kit is supplied with a CSC (concentric slave cylinder) it will be the OEM part, do not repeatedly squeeze it or press the face of the cylinder in unless it is part of the actual fitting/bleeding process.

Failure to run in or set up properly can result in many faults which include but are not limited to:  noisy release bearings, CSC leaks, Broken/damaged linings, excess judder/shudder, disc dragging broken fasteners, damaged covers and warranty may be void.

AS with all motorsport clutch suppliers there are limited warranty conditions for motorsport use. See warranty page.

If reusing the existing flywheel it should be refaced (and re stepped if applicable). Clutch pedals and bearing clearance must be correctly adjusted.