Karolina Pilarczyk joined Xtreme Clutch

Karolina Pilarczyk, a Professional Drift Driver called by the media, the “Queen of Polish Drift”, as well as “Polish Drift Girl”, runs her Nissan LSX 376 6.2 V8 Supercharger 800KM equipped with KGM23637-2E – Xtreme Clutch 230mm twin plate kit.

The Xtreme 230mm Race Clutch is the ultimate in clutch solutions with a range like no other. The 230mm range boasts a variety of kits to suit most high horsepower applications for street, circuit, drift or race use. The Xtreme 230mm Race Clutch has been designed, allowing for endless options with clutch operation with internal hydraulic options and pull-push conversions a factoring feature in the 230mm range.

Karolina is one of only a few women with a drift license in Poland, and has licenses of the “King of Europe”“King of Asia” and “Polish Drifting Federation” (PFD).

Competed in many global drifting competitions.

Participated in many specialized motor sports:
   Polish championships 1/4 mile, SSS (cups)
   Polish Cup 1/4 mile, WST (cups)
   Amateur Rallies, Automobilklub Centrum (cups)
   Amateur Rallies, Automobilkub Rzemieślnik (cups)